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6oz Wickless Candle Tin

Go flameless, and still enjoy your favorite scents.

No flame. No soot. No smoke.

Wickless candles are just like regular candles, except they don’t have a wick! These candles are made to sit on flat warmers that warm the wax and fragrance oil. Wax does not disappear, but fragrance will fade over time. Perfect for offices, dorm rooms, apartments, or places that do not allow candles, or those that choose not to burn candles but still love good smells. Scent can last weeks or longer, depending on how long they are left on warmer. Swap out or alternate your favorite scents! When the fragrance is gone, empty out the candle wax and clean/repurpose your tin. To be used with approved UL Std warming plates, and 2-in-1 warmer units.

*due to fragrance oil vanilla content, some tins may discolor inside which does not affect the performance.

Wickless Candle Tins

  • Due the the number of fragrance/ tin color combinations, wickless candle tins are made to order and require a 3 day processing time

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